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  • Rain Check Policy


    Every year we face summer afternoon showers high probability in the forecast. Because we are so close to the coast, we hardly have any showers that are of any significance. If any showers are in the forecast during the summer, they usually take place in the later part of the day and most only last 10 to 20 minutes.



    In the winter months we also see forecasting for showers during the passing of cold fronts. Once again, because we are so close to the coast, we do not seem to get hit with any storm longer than 20 minutes. They usually come in form of a band and travel very quickly.



    Rain is not an issue as long as it is not to strong. Our guests seem to enjoy playing under the rain as long as the rain is not to strong. We will stop running games if lightning is present and resume games once the storm goes by.



    We are the only paintball field in Florida that offers it's guest a Rain Check. We do it as a courtesy because we want you to have the ability to enjoy a full day of paintball. 

    If constant rain or lightning is present for more than two hours before 12:00 noon, we will offer a raincheck for those that decide to leave by 12 noon due to the weather conditions. Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund on paintballs purchased regardless of weather or any other reason. This applies to opened or unopened bags/cases. You are always welcome to use them in your next visit to our facility.

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