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  • Airsoft Rules

  • We strive to make GPX Airsoft a family friendly environment and a place you can feel safe and have tons of fun!  Because of this, we have placed rules that will be reinforced by the referees and the owners. Cursing, stealing (not paying admission), outbursts of anger and fighting will ban you from a game.  If that kind of behavior persists, you will be banned permanently.  We will not tolerate obnoxious, prideful or arrogant behavior. Please read the rules listed below. We reserve the right to change and modify rules while we are learning and expanding Airsoft at our facility.


    All players must sign a waiver form in order to use the arena. All players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian prior to using the arena. 


    All players must be 10 years old or older. Please note, that airsoft is an extreme sport that can cause minor pain or skin abrasions on impact. There may be loud noises and large crowds.


    We have a zero tolerance on bullying. Any intentional name calling, intimidation, posturing, or harassment will result in your immediate expulsion from our facility, without refund.


    All 6 mm's  BB's are accepted.


    All personal replicas and face masks must be chronographed and verified during the check in process. 450 fps for dmr which is semi-auto only and has a 50 ft. minimum engagement distance. All replicas must shoot 400 FPS or lower, as measured with .20g bbs, to be allowed in the play arena. Snipers allowed 500 fps must not shoot at any player within 100 ft.


    All rifles must have a barrel sock covering the muzzle and all side arms must be securely holstered when not on the play floor. We do sell barrel covers should you need it.


    When engaging an opponent closer than 20 feet that is unaware of your near presence, you must surrender the player to avoid close combat shooting. The person being surrendered has no choice but to accept and surrender.


    Full face and eye protection must be worn by all players and employees entering the play arena. NO EXCEPTIONS! Always consider the play arena “hot” whether you see other people present or not. Failure to follow protective gear requirements will result in your immediate expulsion from the Field, without refund. Approved gear: Full hard anzi rated face masks OR full seal anzi rated goggles with a hard structured lower mask that covers nose, cheeks, and chin. Mesh goggles or soft structures lowers allowed. 


    While in safety areas: NO MAGS in replicas, NO dry firing, fingers must be OFF the trigger and the safety must be turned ON, barrel socks on. Pistols can be holstered and strapped in with magazine. Dry firing your replica in a safety or public area will result in your immediate expulsion from the property, without refund.


    Any intentional destruction or defacement of any area in the facility will result in immediate expulsion from the facility, without refund, and will result in charges for repair.


    Face mask and eye pro must be worn at all times. If you are in the arena without face protection you will be ejected from play for the remainder of the day without refund.

    Must have close toed shoes. Long sleeve shirts and pants highly recommended. (The more padding the better!)

    Use the honor code; call your hits and return to re-spawn area. Cheating will not be tolerated!

    No blind fire – You must have your eyes on target before shooting.

    No over shooting or shooting players returning to re-spawn areas.

    Never shoot over the net. Doing so will result in expulsion from the Field, without refund. Also will be banned from our Airsoft Field. 

    No physical contact with other players at any time.

    No arguing or yelling in arena. Talk to a referee if you have issues.

    No arguing with referees. Referees have the final say.

    No foul language – this is a family friendly facility.

    Follow individual game play rules as described by the referee before each game.

    Clear your weapon, remove magazine, replace barrel sock, and turn on safety, before exiting the arena.


    NO real firearms or live ammunition are allowed anywhere on the property or in the facility. This is for your own safety and the safety of those around you.

    No Drugs or Alcohol:

    No drugs or alcohol allowed on premises at all times. ZERO TOLERANCE.


    Zero Tolerance for racial remarks. Also will result in expulsion from our property, without refund. 2nd offense will result in a permanent ban. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

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